I Heart Art Chix Studio

Anyone who knows me knows I love anything with the Virgin Mary on it. I love the religious candles the sell in import shops for $1. I would also like to say that I am not Catholic, and though I am spiritual, I have no real reason for my love of these other than the artwork and detail on them. Which is why I adore these little Dream Boxes made by artists using materials found at ArtChix Studio. Like your own little personal shrine to something, made for no other reason than to be beautiful. And ArtChix Studio has everything you need to create these tiny masterpieces-from the boxes themselves, to stickers, charms, and all kinds of ephemera to add. I can even see these as gorgeous little Christmas decorations or gifts. Maybe I can talk my Craft Night Group into this project...

Article originally appeared on Olive & Bleu: A Texas Girl's Guide to Lovely Things (http://www.oliveandbleu.com/).
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