Wedding-Schmedding...I want the cake!

This post may seem very random since I will not be taking a walk down the aisle soon (stop hyperventilating Geoff!) But, I have been bombarded with wedding cakes lately. Everyone I work with is getting married. Weddings, at least in my mind, conjure up images of cakey, yummy goodness. And a woman in my office has had me printing pictures of cakes she has made for weddings. And I have been watching "Ace of Cakes" quite a bit. And cake chases away the Wednesday blues. And I am having a birthday next week, and birthdays equal cake. So, with all of that in mind, here is a roundup of wedding cakes that I love. I can't believe they can make such beautiful creations with flour and some icing. I wish one of these could be my birthday cake, but, unfortunately I am not starring in an episode of "My Sweet Sixteen" on MTV...Please to enjoy....

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