Plastic Fantastic!

Ok, 3 things: 1. I am a bad blogger and should be banned from blogland for not posting anything in a billion years. 2. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I have forgiven myself for #1. 3. I can't wait for our Girls' Craft Night on Thursady! We get together once a month, these crafty girls and me, to make something fun and have wine and chattter. Geoff calls it "Hen Night." Anywho, this week we have decided to try fusing plastic bags and making them into totes. I had never even heard of such a thing until it was suggested as a theme. There is a great tutorial on Etsy Labs (here) to show you what I'm talking about. And posted below are some examples of what some crafty critters from Etsy have made using this technique. I will post pics of our (hopefully attractive) creations on Friday. Enjoy!!
Right on Target--fused plastic bag upcycled clutch by shapelessflame available here.

Large recycled plastic purse by yumstietree available here.

Pumpkin Collage by lousupcycles available here.

Fused Plastic Tote Bag by GreenMulligan available here.

Recycled Tree Pouch by CraftedCouture available here.

Fused plastic bag pouch by Inbalimor available here.

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