Style File 1.11.11 & An Award
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Blouse: F21 | Cardigan: LOFT | Pants: Gap Always Skinny | Ballet Flats: Guess 
Necklace, Large Ring & Bracelet: F21

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! The hubs and I just got home from a 5K run in the FREEZING cold! I am so proud of us. Week 2 of Training is a go! WOOT! Also, I have to give a shout out to my bestie Laine. She is a badass and is running the Arizona Rock n' Roll Half Marathon this weekend. GO LAINE!

And...I was lucky enough to get a bloggy award from an awesome new blogger right here in Dallas! Cutie-pie Hayley over at Cheap Girl Chic World made my day with a fun blog award. Check out her blog and follow her! Its so important to support and encourage fabulous new bloggers.

So now I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself. (I also received blog awards in December from Jen over at Pretty in PDX and Jo at Daily Haiku. Check out 7 things about me from that post.) But I managed to think of 7 more things to share (hey, no one said they had to be super interesting right?)

1. I'm getting my hair cut this weekend and I can't decide whether or not to get bangs.
    Like these. Any opinions?

2. I LOVE to cook! 3 of my fave recipes: Curried Beef Short Ribs, Tortellini Soup
    & Paula Deen's Peach Cobbler.

3. Right now I'm reading The Pillars of the Earth & The House at Riverton.
    (My fave books are historical fiction.)

4. I am working toward my ultimate career goal of having my own design business.
    (Need a logo? Invitations? Anything wedding or baby? Check my portfolio.
    Insert shameless plug here.)

5. This is embarrassing, but I'll tell you anyway. My hubs and I took dance lessons
    so we wouldn't look like a couple of morons at our wedding reception. On wedding
    day, we head out to the dance floor where I proceed to freak out and tell husband
    just to sway back and forth. Apparently I was too freaked out to box step.
    Husband says I owe him $95.

6. I hit the In-Law jackpot. Seriously. (I'm not even sucking up! Ha!) The hubs has
    amazing parents. I love them very much. Its such a blessing to have another set
    of amazing people to be related to.

7. Fave shows right now: How I Met Your Mother, Chopped, Glee, and yes, its sad, but
    I can't stop watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Its like a car wreck.
    With wine & Botox.


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