Dear Husband...
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Husband is a snappy dresser, no?


Dear Husband...

Its amazing how a going bachelorette party (and missing you for a whole weekend) can make your wife appreciate you even more. So so glad I married such an amazing man (and not some oogy creep who hangs around Burbon Street. But thats another story...)

10 reasons you're the bee's knees:

1. You sing me ridiculous morning wakeup songs. Such a peaceful way to wake up. ;)
2. You always laugh at my stupid jokes. And your jokes are just as stupid.
    Glad we can be totally ridiulous together.
3. You are totally metro-and I love that.
    Um, hair products and Nordstrom rack anyone?...
4. That you like to eat snacks and candy in even numbers. 3 M&M's? I don't think so. 
5. You are so cooperative to take my OOTD pics.
    Even when I yell at you for taking 38 pictures of the dog and only 2 of me...
6. Date night with you is my absolute favorite time of the week.
    Just you, me, giggling, and lots of nom nom nom.
7. You make me feel safe. And happy.
8. I'm pretty sure you are the most handsome man I've ever seen. With the best hair.
    And the cutest bum. (Sorry mom and Karen...)
9. Love saying our nightime prayers on the Island. 
    (thats what we call our huge bed-for those who don't know.)
10. I love that you call Cal the attorney. And that you give EVERYONE nicknames.
     Its seriously the cutest. 

Thanks for motivating me to be my best everyday.
Can't wait to start Krav Maga so we can spar in the backyard.


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