3 Drowned Rats & A Skinny Girl
Lauren in Life, My Favorite Things


Ok, first of all, I cannot take credit for the title of this post. My cutie-pie friend Lindsey came up with it to describe the ridiculousness we endured to meet the adorable Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives and Skinnygirl Fame. She was is Dallas this past Friday to promote her Skinnygirl Margaritas. Our awesome boss let us sneak out of work early, even though he had no clue who we were going to see. Flash forward to about 500 girls (and a few guys) huddled under umbrellas in a downpour outside a liquor store. Classy, no? Yeah, we waited in the pouring rain for 2 hours, and only got to see Bethenny for about 10.3 seconds, but she was cute as a button (and waaaaaay tinier in person) and we totally had some girl bonding time. Love you Katherine and Lindsey! Oh, and Bethenny.


Oh, and could I look more excited in this picture? Like a scary stalker. Take it down a notch, Lauren...

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